General Frequently Asked Questions

When is the monthly cut off for payroll and expenses?

All payroll and expenses forms must be received in Hove by the close of business on the 10th day of each month. Email

How do I claim for mileage and other expenses?

Complete this form and ensure it is signed off by the Parish Priest or diocesan officer who is expecting to receive it. Expenses can be paid via payroll for staff. Please click here for the expenses form and scan a signed off copy of this form to If you are not a member of staff but are claiming expenses from the Diocese submit the form to Mileage can be claimed at 45p for the first 10,000 miles in each tax year, 25p per mile thereafter. Please keep a log of all mileage claimed.

How do I read my payslip (for members of staff paid through the Diocesan central payroll)?

Please follow the link here

Your user name is Firstname.Lastname
Your password is your NI number, but you will be asked to change it first time.

Where can I see the Diocese's Public Liability Insurance Certificate?

Please click here for the current Certificate?

What supply payments are recommended for visiting priests?

Please click here for the current recommendations from the Vicar General

Why do we have to use the Diocesan solicitor for school and parish lettings?

In civil law the parish does not have individual status so the entity undertaking all contracts is the Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust. The land is vested in the Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Corporation so it is also a party to all transactions relating to land and buildings. Only the Bishop and Trustees of the Diocese can sign on behalf of the Trust and Corporation and they retain the diocesan solicitor DMH Stallard to support them in their responsibilities to oversee the diocesan estate. To work with the solicitors on a parish letting please contact

What level of spending by a Parish requires notification to the Diocese?

Any expenditure over £7,500 must be notified to the Diocesan Finance Office. Approval will be sought via the subcommittee to the Diocesan Finance Committee or referred to a meeting of the Diocesan Finance Committee.

When does the Diocesan Finance Committee meet?

Eight times a year. Meetings in 2019 are scheduled for 30 April, 18 June, 16 July, 17 September, 22 October and 3 December.

What do we do with a CAF voucher?

Send it in to the Finance Office in Hove by Post and we will claim on your behalf

How do we change signatories on a parish bank account?

All the new signatories have to sign up to a new bank mandate. Contact Maggie Wares on and she will send you a new signatory form